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Terry Leeder


Terry has been involved in the motor industry for over 45 years.  

Starting as an apprentice mechanic at the age of 15 he worked his way up through the trade to run his own business 'Leeder Autos' for over 10 years.

He's held positions such as motor vehicle technician, MOT tester, workshop foreman, auto electrician and service receptionist.  During his career he worked at Vauxhall Crown Motors for around 10 years, Churchill Accident Repair Centre as the motor vehicle technician for the basildon branch, Volkswagen Bristol Street Motors and for 2 years a Mercedes Benz specialists in Canada, where he helped rebuild a Mercedes Benz which is now on display in a museum in Austria. 

After over 45 years 'on the tools' Terry is excited about the new opportunity to work in parts; and that his experience and knowledge can help give our customers the extra help they may be looking for.

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